Tribeca Hacks

Tribeca Hacks

Tribeca Hacks <Mobile Challenge>

Hackathons are an incredible opportunity to bring storytellers, artists, developers and designers together to create new kinds of work. Tribeca Film Institute has great experience in this area with their Tribeca Hacks series of story-focused Hackathons that have taken place all over the world.

In the past two years TFI and AT&T have hosted a Hackathon during the annual Tribeca Film Festival to great success. This year we are switching up the process to encourage greater creative participation. Teams can propose their ideas online and the judging panel composed on Interactive thought leaders will select one project for further mentorship and financial support to build a prototype, which will be presented at  TFI Interactive, taking place during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

The theme is mobile storytelling that speaks to our environments and the spaces around us. How can a story be enhanced by the objects and people that surround you in the places that you go? Think smart homes and geo-locative apps. Add a dash of creative storytelling and you’ll get what we’re thinking! Your project must involve smartphones and/or tablets in some way. You can use other platforms and devices too (wearables, virtual reality devices, robots and other hardware) but you must include a smartphone or tablet as part of your storytelling project. Artists must apply with a brilliant idea and a team in place, all of whom must be able to fully develop and launch a prototype by the start of the Tribeca Film Festival, which will take place in New York from April 15-26, 2015.

Projects will be reviewed by the Tribeca Film Institute and selected by an Interactive Jury.