Berlin Music Week is next week!

Berlin Music Week is next week!

Berlin Music Week is next week!

The conference, including VUT Indie Days, will deal with issues in recorded music, interactive, tech & startups. The event will focus on new players and offer a look ahead for the digital transformation. Besides becoming an exchange of creativity, panels, matchmakings and workshops in 2013 gave around 2,500 trade professionals from 30 countries the chance to be inspired and to inspire others.

Fireside Chat: SoundCloud meets Shutterstock

In this original “Cross Over Session”, Thom Cummings (VP Growth & Insight, SoundCloud) and Wyatt Jenkins (VP Product, Shutterstock) will have a unique opportunity to talk about the newest developments of their companies, the challenges of new products and new markets, and how they are working with different business models on their further expansion. These two celebrated Digital Tech companies, respectively headquartered and with further offices in New York and Berlin, are indeed an excellent match – as well as befriended music lovers! This original format will allow the audience to participate in an intimate talk presented in an informative and entertaining way. Discover how these passion-driven businesses pilot their companies!

Thom Cummings / VP Growth & Insight, SoundCloud
Thom Cummings is the Vice President of Growth & Insight at SoundCloud, the leading audio platform that lets anyone create and share their original sounds everywhere on the web. As the VP Growth & Insight, Thom is responsible for identifying and implementing growth strategies that accelerate the user adoption of SoundCloud across all products and geographies. Thom also heads up a team of diverse analytical thinkers who turn data into insight and insight into business action by working closely with product, finance and other teams throughout the org. You can follow him on SoundCloud.

Wyatt Jenkins / VP Product, Shutterstock
Wyatt Jenkins is the VP of Product at Shutterstock, the technology company that powers one of the world’s largest marketplaces of creative content used by businesses, media, and agencies. In this role, Wyatt leads 15 cross functional product, UX design, and research teams. Prior to joining Shutterstock in 2009, Wyatt spent 6 years at Wyatt holds an MA in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University, and an MA and BA in English Literature from the University of Colorado Boulder. Wyatt has a passion for electronic music and DJ’ed professionally around the world for 8 years.

Moderation: AC Coppens / The Marketing Catalysts

See you there! Friday September 5th 2014

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