For storytellers: CONTEC México & Beemgee call for story outlines

For storytellers: CONTEC México & Beemgee call for story outlines


“Fiction without Friction” is the heading CONTEC México and have given to a call for story outlines. Not stories, mind, just their outlines.

Following the success of CONTEC Brasil and CONTEC Colombia, the Frankfurt Book Fair is this year organizing the publishing conference in Mexico. On the 14th and 15th of June 2017 at the Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City, representatives of the publishing, cultural and creative industries from central America and beyond will meet and mingle.

CONTEC focuses on innovations and new technologies in the world of books and content. Social reading, self-publishing, digital storytelling, and meta-data are just some of the topics of talks, round tables and workshops. Publishers, universities, cultural institutions, literary agents, educators, booksellers, librarians and anyone interested in the future of books, education and storytelling are invited to attend. 

As one of the final events in the Mexico-Germany “dual year”, CONTEC Mexico is featuring several speakers from Germany – including Beemgee co-founder Olaf Bryan Wielk.

Many innovations relevant to authors of stories and “content” apply to publication and distribution. But digital aids can help creators right from the moment they have their first ideas.

With, fiction authors have a tool that helps them organize their plots and develop their characters in a detailed outline of the narrative. When it comes to pitching the work to a publisher, a Beemgee project provides a supplement to the traditional exposé.

For publishers and other content disseminating organizations, Beemgee is a new tool that increases productivity during the evaluation process and improves the workflow between author and editor/producer/publisher.

To showcase this new approach, CONTEC and Beemgee are running the Fiction without Friction call for stories.

Participants submit a plot and character via the web-app, accessible for free on Story outlines may be in English or in German and should be sent to by the 2nd of June 2017.

The winning story will be announced during the conference. It will be presented and analysed during a workshop, the aim of which is to demonstrate the new approach to creating, comprehending and evaluating narratives, especially works of fiction.

For authors, the workshop will show how the digital tool can help them develop their story’s plot and characters. For publishers, film producers, videogames developers, and others interested in storytelling, the workshop will showcase the systematic and collaborative framework for communicating the complexities of narrative content.