Mutual commitment


What do we commit to?

1. Confidentiality: All what our clients tell us stays between us. We have a lot to do with innovative business models and creative ideas, and we know how precious they are.

2. Consistency: We plan regularly scheduled meetings and calls which we thoroughly prepare.

3. Accountability: We are dedicated to the successful next steps of our clients! We develop a planning together in order to let them achieve their professional and individual goals, and help them by elaborating the answers… nearly by themselves!

4. Quality of service: We offer more than consulting and coaching sessions:

  • unlimited contact and answers by email, with response within 48 hours
  • additional short phone sessions, as needed
  • feedback, from business plan to press material or online presence
  • a blog platform where we relate about successes of our clients, set links to your online content including articles, podcasts and videos
  • individual newsletters with up to date information concerning your business area
  • regular networking events where clients can meet, share ideas and gain precious partnerships. It is all about contacts and synergies!

Your commitment

Coaching can only be really efficient if clients commit to it. Here is what we expect from you when you decide to work with us:

Meaning: you should actually do your homework. We guide you in doing the job, but in the end, you are the one actually doing it – and making it happen.

Tenacity. You should stick to the appointments. We plan regular coaching sessions together, find a rhythm that fits to your working dynamic.
If you cancel a session or even several sessions, the coaching process stretches out on months and won’t be as efficient as planned to be. For this reason, cancelled sessions within 48h / 2 workdays before the actual appointment will be invoiced, whatever the reason is (illness,  job, etc)