Media Residency Program “Berlin – NY”

Media Residency Program “Berlin – NY”

Media Residency Program “Berlin – NY”

On July 7th 2015, all participants of the Medienboard-funded “Berlin Capital Region – New York” Media Residency Program pitched their projects at Betahaus. Those four creative professionals – two from Berlin-Brandenburg and two from New York – are all active in the digital media industry. Through the Media Residency Program, they had the opportunity to further develop their projects and to get to know the media landscape in the opposite location.
The first edition of the program took place from April to June 2015.

We are very glad to be part of the adventure as mentors!


One of the participants is Justine Simonson, an independent producer, writer, director and founder of Co Lab Productions. She is currently producing her web series How to Make It In, which tells the stories of unique small businesses in major cities around the world.

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With the insight and savvy of a business series and the wanderlust and adventure of a travel show, each two– to four–minute episode will tell the story of one small business owner: how they got started, the challenges they faced getting off the ground, the “aha moment” when they knew they were on to something, how they’ve maintained their success and, of course, why their city is the best home for their unique operation.

How To Make It In is a movable format, adaptable to any major city with a thriving local economy. Each season will consist of 10 episodes in one spotlight city. The first season will take place in Berlin, Germany and will feature a cross–section of brick & mortar “mom & pop” establishments, street food entrepreneurs, and the growing startup and tech sector.

Helmed by Justine Simonson and the cinematographer Marcus Lehmann, How To Make It In aims to bring the quality of broadcast content to digital media while sharing real life stories of risk and reward from around the globe.


1st episode: Zwei Dicke Bären

Cieran Rockwell and Cesar Cotta fell in love with Berlin’s street food movement and launched their ice cream sandwich. Already familiar with the local food scene, they knew exactly where to sell their wares to grow a dedicated following. After a soft launch in December 2013, their profit margin soared in the summer of 2014. They’re now planning to expand to other cities in Germany, but the bears will never abandon their Berlin roots.

4th episode: Hütenpalast

Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer set out on a new venture – Neukölln’s most unique hotel. To raise the capital to start their hotel, Silke and Sarah kept their space flexible; it doubles as an event space. Their “hotel rooms” are caravans, giving their bed and breakfast style hotel an indoor campground vibe. Sarah, with her design background, handles the creative aspects of the business, while Silke manages the logistics and organization.

House of Dotcity

Searching for a new project, Verena Seal and her British boyfriend, Peter Stanness, created tote bags with connect-the-dot outlines of Berlin’s iconic monuments with a pen attached to complete the tiny masterpieces. The demand was so high, they ended up opening House of Dotcity. Their tiny shop sells the work of artists in Berlin and around the world and has recently launched an ecommerce site.