Sound installation by Hands on Sound at Festival in Georgia

Sound installation by Hands on Sound at Festival in Georgia

Sound installation by Hands on Sound at Festival in Georgia


Our Coachees Jan Paul Herzer und Max Kullmann from hands on sound are specialized in the audible orchestration of architectural space and in acoustic scenography.

At exhibitions and stores, at events and fairs, inside buildings and in public spaces they put ideas, images or the “bigger context” on stage – with sound. Their service offers the dilligent acoustic programming of a room, as well as weird and playful sound installations or experiments. In the process they often cooperate with partners from the fields of scenography, architecture and communication.

They have already worked for Dan Pearlman and Mercedes Benz, Quartier 206 and BMW Mini.

In the course of undergo. the parallels in Tbilisi / Georgia, hands on sound presented their sound installation “Pulsing Around”, realized in collaboration with Frauke Schmidt and supported by the German Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.

The Installation makes use of a generative rhythm composition that gets played back in a public pedestrian underpassing. The rhythmic fragments are generated based on a number series that gets altered over time and through the influence of sunlight. The resulting pattern slowly evolves and the sounds – just generated by closing and opening a circuit over an array of 12 loudspeakers under the skylights – playfully interact with the acoustics of the space. Even with eyes closed the different “clicks and cuts” explain the architectural form of the space since they are filtered, reflected by different surfaces and enriched with reverb by the room itself.

Are you curious? Then watch the video here.

Picture: Gio Sumbadze & hands on sound