The Marketing Catalysts @ Design Festival DMY Berlin

The Marketing Catalysts @ Design Festival DMY Berlin

The Marketing Catalysts @ Design Festival DMY Berlin

Each year, the Marketing Catalysts get excited about the DMY Design Fair in Berlin. There is hardly a better place to get an insight into the latest design Trends, to discover new talents from the fields of product, fashion and interior design, and to rediscover established designers. Unlike the last kind of disappointing editions of 2010 and 2011, the 2012 Festival was breath-taking!

This year, there was a clear focus on nature and the embedding of herbal esthetics in the design works, which we deeply appreciated. And here comes our Top 3 of the best designs on the DMY 2012. These 3 design studios definitely succeeded in convincing and fascinating us:

1) Chair Farm by Studio Aisslinger (Berlin, Singapour)


This project intends to question the globalized mass production recommending a local resources saving production instead. With the project “Chair Farm”, a chair is not produced anymore but litteraly grows out of the ground. With the support of a steel corset, a tree grows adopting the shape of a chair. When the piece of furniture reaches its final shape, the corset can be removed in order to give birth to a completely naturally grown chair. Even though it is an utopian idea, we find it brilliant!

2) “Floral” lightening kitset by David Trubridge (New Zealand)


The design of this lightening construction is based on the structure of a geometrical polyhedron und finds ist inspiration in an australian flower. In order to save energy on the freight, the lamp is delivered in pieces, which the acquirer has to build up together on his own. Elegance and sustainability: we like it!

3) Plexwood (Utrecht, NL)


Plexwood provides museums, shops and restaurants with wooden surfaces for furniture or interior design. And it looks just great!

And like every year, some of our clients were exhibiting their work on the DMY fair. As perviously announced on our blog, the fashion label VONSCHWANENFLÜGELPUPKE presented and sold its wonderful silk scarfs on the Voo Popupstore.


Regina Geisler presented her furniture collection “Fliptheside Furniture” on the booth “Stand der Dinge” organised by the network KreativNetz Neuköllns. The collection includes unique copies, blending new materials and found components with striking screen printed or spray-pattern surface textures.


We just can’t wait for the DMY 2013! And we wish our coachees all the best and success after this exhibition!