Our service portfolio

Management Consulting / Marketing Coaching

We develop step by step solid marketing strategies followed by a pragmatic implementation schedule, where all the marketing tools work all together in one direction: business development.

Step by step marketing strategies

Business Mission and Strategy

Develop and articulate a vision, value proposition, check Corporate Identity/Corporate Design, SWOT analysis, portfolio analysis for evaluation of business fields and strategic business units

Market analysis

Check and test relevant target groups, segment potential markets, estimate the market potential, identify key success factors, track down relevant competitors to prepare clear unique selling propositions

Target Groups

Check Customer Value Proposition, articulate clear benefits of specific target groups, elaborate sales argumentation points

Business model

Check your resources/core competencies, activities, revenue streams, partnerships, cost structure (Business Model Canvas). We also develop successful pitch decks and presentation for start-ups looking for investors and business partners

Strategy development

Develop a differentiated profile/Unique Selling Position, formulate a clear positioning, define goals and strategy of marketing, review options for market entry and brand management.


Marketing planning

Shaping products/services/packages, incl. launch of new products and services, check pricing options, evaluate different approaches for distribution & communication strategies

Communication strategy

Comprehensive „Masterplan“ of online and offline tools for a given period of time, content marketing strategy on multiple channels, web tools strategy, PR-workshops, etc..*
We also develop successful pitch decks and presentation for start-ups looking for investors and business partners

Complete marketing process

From the check of your business model to the social media planning, we can offer an individualized, modular comprehensive marketing coaching process taking your specific needs and focusses into account.

* we only stop where the really detailled implementation starts (design, text, specific SEO/SEA and PR campaigns etc). There, we like to cooperate with specialized pro’s and are happy to accompany you for briefings, over-the-shoulder checks/sparring and performance tracking.

Business development & trade missions

We offer scouting services in Germany, Switzerland, France and in the U.S to find out which contents/companies are the best for reaching your goals successfully:

  • scheduling of official governmental organization visits for international business trade
  • scheduling of local companies and institutions visits
  • invitation of speakers/panelists for round table, panels
  • presentation services for your events (moderation)
  • bespoke business matchmaking services, also in co-operation with partners to allow the best networking potentials for innovative and creative players at the crossing of tech, film, music, design and arts.

Speaking /education

We are happy to share our know-how as workshop leaders, mentors or speakers – for companies, institutions, universities or conferences and industry festivals in the innovative and creative sector.

Speaking and presenting

Additionally to our conception services, AC can be booked as a speaker or a presenter (moderation) for tech culture/art related events. For some of these, AC can also act as a Tutor for the participants/presenters at the events (Start-Up-Weekends, Pitches, Hackathons).



Also, we offer specific in-depths workshops for innovative and creative companies in the field of marketing for digital media & creative tech topics. We also have dedicated modules and topics for start-ups aiming at launching their products and services.

  • Basics: marketing strategy and planning
  • Basics: Business Model Canvas, Client Value Proposition
  • Communication Tools: an overview and implemented case studies
  • New Business: how to attract (and retain) clients
  • 10 must-have to start with Online Marketing